Listing My Way To Completion

I’ve been working on getting a solid rough cut for my feature film about this mercurial performer/personality known as “Hella Hung”. I can actually list off the reasons this film has been tough for me to finish, but that low on my list of priorities. I’ve spent so much time […]

Scratch Track Narration Hack

Came across this godsend, Scratch Track by Dashwood Cinema Solutions. I need to see how the narrations work for my upcoming documentary film formerly titled “The Life and Times of Hella Hung”. But while trying to cut together the story, being a one man shop, it’s hard to take the time […]

Future Proof Storytelling

There is no mistake, that being able to capture the moment for your documentary film can make the difference between a good film, and a GREAT film. If catching a pivotal or historic moment is your key, that means being at the right place at the right time, lots of […]

Smoke and Mirrors – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema on the Run – pt 1

This past Sunday I had found myself at the mercy of one of the last standing American anti capitalist traditions, “CLOSED SUNDAYS”. Shooting a documentary out of town, without transportation to pickup my laptop to dump and wipe my used memory cards, I found myself really struggling with the technological […]

STORYTELLING In The Age of Generation Remix Sony President Kazuo Hirai talks about Kando “the power to stimulate an emotional response” or, “WOW”. He talks about the process of creativity, failures amongst successes, and even touches on some of the up and coming technology Sony is working on, including “4k” […]

Film School Or Not: A Chat with R.J. Lozada

An interview with filmmaker and current film student RJ Lozada, who was my director of photography, co-producer and key collaborator on my first documentary feature, Among B-Boys. Chris: So let’s begin… What up RJ! How’s it going? What are you working on? RJ: Hi Chris! I’m doing all right, keeping […]

DIY FILM TOOL KIT: Organizing Ideas & Creating Efficiency

As a self employed, so called “artist type” half of my fight to build a career in the creative arts exists within the realm of self-organization. One of the best things for me to do to remember tasks of course, is to write them down! But with modern society going […]

Bigger Is Better? (4k discussion part 1)

DO WE NEED 4K? Need is debatable, but if you’re an Independent filmmaker that shoots with and owns their own gear, chances are you are considering the jump to shooting in 4k. But you’re wondering, “Is it practical? Are people really going to be able to shoot in and view […]

TECHNOLOGY: A Filmmaker’s Gift and Curse

“THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN!” I recall a conversation from the early-mid 2000’s with another good filmmaker friend of mine, Tim Jieh, about how cool it would be to create a website where you could upload videos and share them with your friends. “That would be the next thing!” he told […]