Wait… It’s Not All The Same? (4K discussion part 2)

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your production to 4k, it can be pretty dizzying to figure out what you should be looking for. There’ll be many cameras out there with a 4K sticker on them, to try to push to you the latest buzzword in must haves in motion […]

Bigger Is Better? (4k discussion part 1)

DO WE NEED 4K? Need is debatable, but if you’re an Independent filmmaker that shoots with and owns their own gear, chances are you are considering the jump to shooting in 4k. But you’re wondering, “Is it practical? Are people really going to be able to shoot in and view […]

TECHNOLOGY: A Filmmaker’s Gift and Curse

“THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN!” I recall a conversation from the early-mid 2000’s with another good filmmaker friend of mine, Tim Jieh, about how cool it would be to create a website where you could upload videos and share them with your friends. “That would be the next thing!” he told […]