Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Hacks

Hack #1

Finally, stabilized my Blackmagic Pocket rig with the Wooden Camera Pocketlocks. Basically they just extend the connections for power and hdmi away from the camera body, where it’s easier to knock the connections loose. A screw bolts each lock onto the frame, and another bolt locks the each of the hdmi or power cords.

After serving as DP for good friend Michael Velasquez’s short horror/suspense film “Sleeper”, we learned there’s a few safeguards I needed to pickup and these were it. We had a few shots delayed as we jiggled the HDMI to ensure that it was properly sending to the Atomos Ninja2, and for the external battery.

Hack #2

ALWAYS KEEP A BATTERY IN THE BMPCC. Even if you’re using an external battery pack. Why? In case you have a faulty cable or the cable gets pulled (can still happen even if you have the Pocketlock), you can film interrupted. you’re welcome.