Future Proof Storytelling

There is no mistake, that being able to capture the moment for your documentary film can make the difference between a good film, and a GREAT film. If catching a pivotal or historic moment is your key, that means being at the right place at the right time, lots of […]

Smoke and Mirrors – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema on the Run – pt 1

This past Sunday I had found myself at the mercy of one of the last standing American anti capitalist traditions, “CLOSED SUNDAYS”. Shooting a documentary out of town, without transportation to pickup my laptop to dump and wipe my used memory cards, I found myself really struggling with the technological […]

STORYTELLING In The Age of Generation Remix Sony President Kazuo Hirai talks about Kando “the power to stimulate an emotional response” or, “WOW”. He talks about the process of creativity, failures amongst successes, and even touches on some of the up and coming technology Sony is working on, including “4k” […]